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The Division has devised specific health promotion programs to provide healthy eating information to populations not reached by traditional health promotion programs such as refugees and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

FOODcents for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in WA Project (ATSI FOODcents)

The ATSI FOODcents program is an adaptation of the Health Department of WA's FOODcents program.

The ATSI FOODcents Education Manual is a guide for people working with the Aboriginal community to promote healthy eating. Activities include "Healthy Foods", "Healthy Dollars" and the "Cook-Up". Due to requests from the community for suitable recipes, especially for people with diabetes, the 'Deadly Tucker' cookbook was also developed as part of this program.
Working towards a healthier future for all West Australians
Good Food for New Arrivals

The Good Food for New Arrivals Project is a joint project between EMPHU and the Association for Services to Torture & Trauma Survivors (ASeTTs).
Refugees coming to Australia often have poor nutritional status and this is compounded by lifestyles changes and difficulty in finding traditional foods and adapting to Australian culture. The Good Food for New Arrivals Project is designed to assist newcomers to Australia, especially those from the Sudan or Afghanistan, find and prepare healthy food. It includes resources in several languages and links to resources on the ASeTTs webpage.
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